Hello Folks,

Three years ago I started chemo treatment for a lymphoma , 8 months later I ended up in hospital with Guillain Barre Syndrome . That kept me in hospital for 6 months. Now I’m guessing that’s what most people have heard about and the reason why I’ve received your many kind comments for which I’m very grateful .

Movin’ on into early 2013 my lymphoma got busy again so last year was chemo again and I’ve been on treatment ever since ! This combined with a naturally idle disposition means I’m not very consistent with anything ,except for takin’ meds. Anyway I’ve regained an interest in music and have started playin’ lots this year. I think I’ll post a video up of some playin’ if anyone fancies that.

Once again ,many thanks for the comments. All of you have given me and my family so much support. Some of you are people I know very well , I think of you and will make contact,   all the best,  Johnny